the Brand

Serving as a gateway to reliability, perfection, and trustworthiness are fundamentals that have shaped Oqaab. The uncertainty that confronts you, is not meant for getting down rather it is like a challenge that questions your personality for keeping your journey continuous. We believe that the best of personality can come out not by the horn that your car bells but by the choice of your footwear.


We were long desiring to give our business a new different dimension which has purposely aimed to highlight the local Peshawari chappal through a modern vision. It was not possible unless we have to tincture out the drift in contemporary peddle. It is nearly one year ago we put our stuff on social media to try out the community to avail of these sloppy and genuine bonded leather composition.
The experience equipped our team to build an alluring look of our hand made Peshawari chappal as per our customer's demand. The sterling retort drove us for more devotion. And consequently, after a long journey of several attempts with long enough forfeits, it was made available with all its distinguished features.
The name Oqaab is considered accordingly for a thrilling and husky aspect on account of which the product is formulated.


If you dream big you can achieve big. Let yourself be driven out of the complications by adopting these prestigious footwear designs that can accelerate your dreams to fly high in the sky as like an Oqaab/Eagle.

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